You have to understand my friend that the world was never written in black and white. No matter what you do, each action you take will be both good and evil even if you will see it to the end of your life in a positive manner it never will be. It will be just a selfish choice you made because it will be the self that took it. No matter  how innocent it may seem, how normal and how good the intentions behind it. You will do your best and at the end of your life behind you there can lie the shattered earth. And still have a smile on your face. Many times it’s the best of deeds that do the most of evil if you are unable to see past your own walls. And to  be able to do that  is yet another choice you have to make. You can take the easy road and always be right in your own little context and you would have lived and died like an angel.
Or you can take the red pill and your road just got a whole lot harder. And from there only more difficult choices, each one a pain to take, each one shattering lives. And you may keep going your old way but carry the weight of it all on your shoulders until it eats you up. Or you can try and keep a balance between good and evil, compromising where possible and always take a peek on the other side of you before deciding. Or you can just be Zen and do nothing that could possibly harm anyone or anything. Just look and learn.
Well my friend, sometimes it’s best to keep a coin around, like me.

Yours truly
The antagonist