Because I was bored I tought I’d learn a bit of three.js and experiment furthermore with new ways of presenting and interacting with photography. I took the 3d max scenes from the video parallax project , ans started re-baking the textures into web friendly format. Took samples from three.js examples and in no less than 9 hours I allready had something like this, complete with camera, textures, lensflare and my own post processing shader. The funny thing is that to render this in 4k took about 10 hours, more than it took me to do this and give it real time interaction + better quality in 4k at a size about 1/100 of the youtube size. After that it was all work and sweat. I ported 4 more scenes from he video project and started putting the project together. Most of the time was spend fixing things that simply did not work but should have. I got sound working,I got render targets working,  I got multiple render passes also working and at last managed to get it working on mobile phones also, using the gyroscope as means of moving the camera.
A little tutorial on how the visual part was made is here. The programming part is way more difficult to put into words and tutorial unfortunately .

After finishing it the next obvious step was VR. So once again, without rest I started learning something new. Easiest way to go was Unity engine and it turned out to be perfect. Had to also learn a bit of C# language for the scripting but the end result was a VR experience that got very good feedback and reviews. The app id now available on the official Gear VR store.

Here is the original video for reference. I am planning on adding all images from it for real time viewing and interaction and add an extra layer of real time interactive effects like when moving the mouse on the ground to have a bit of wind blowing, little highlights from the sun on the surface etc.
I hope you enjoyed it.

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Oh, and remember to visit my photo gallery here. It's my main passion and the inspiration for the rest.
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