Editare foto raw pe android

Cred ca au trecut vreo 3 ani de cand am renuntat la laptop in favoarea unei tablete. Am inceptut cu un Samsung Slate care oferea avantajele unui laptop cu windows pentru editare si lucru profesional dar foarte putine din partea bunaa a unei tableta. Adica era inca greoi si bateria tinea obscen de putin (vreo 2 ore). Pe langa asta numarul de aplicatii touch era extrem de limitat si una peste alta nu era fun de folosit.Read More


3d parallax photography tutorial

3d Parallax Photography Tutorial

Some 2 weeks ago I started working on a little project. The idea was to take standard photos that I liked a lot and present them in a dynamic manner that simulates a camera. Now some day I want do do real camera work and timelapse but untile then this was the best I could do. I am not the inventor of parallax or the first one to use it, eve I have been ocassionaly using it since 10 years ago when I had to do a salami TV commercial using just a photo (the company had no budget for a video so they taught they could pay me a couple of bucks for something similar). Usually photographers do this in Adobe After Effects or similar and very few work with 3d software. I do that too ocassionally like this photo compilation of the protests in Bucharest:Read More

Prima luna

Compilatie video a protestelor din ultima luna, incercand si un efect de parralax.Read More

Running away

To me… it makes all the sense in the world. I wish I had more footage and more interesting one.

And yeah, I know that any electronic devices are forbidden during takeoff and landing, but whatever.

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There is no spoon

Literally .For 2 months now I have no spoon in the whole house. I either forget or I’m to lazy to buy and it makes things rather difficult for me., especially regarding eating.

Now what was I saying ?  Oh yeah, pigeons in Istanbul . Lots of them.

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Vihren live @ swinging hall, Sofia

Well.. why the hell not. Vihren is a colegue of mine from Gameloft Bulgaria that has a band that is  very very good live. So I make my little part of promoting as much as I can.

And also happy birthday from me, it was his birthday concert 🙂

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The bad birds

And this would also be my first upload of  something filmed with the 5d :). This being my first please don’t criticize too much and forgive the badly chosen music 🙂

So I was walking  in the middle of the nowhere when I see these beautiful, hawk-like birds sitting on the ground. As soon as I got a little closer they took off and attacked me (or at least tried to scare me off ).

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