Yesterday I started putting wordplays that came to my head in a document on the phone, walking around the city. Slowly before night this came out. It’s unfinished, may never be, unpolished and might as well be an experiment of realtime poetry that changes in time.

Poem for an unwritten ending

The sun that is setting in darkness reveals
All things mention worthy that time pass conceals
All half mended scars, all wide open wounds
The kind that a lifetime won’t make one to lose.
And should there be death to break the dark seal
The wounds they go deeper thus death shall not heal.

Oh devil where are you, oh brother of pain
T’is me who has suffered, t’is you who will gain.
Together we danced in the pale light of moon
And gone was your presence before the day’s noon
And that which you’ve taken, The things I have sold
Will be with you always and not be returned.
For what better reason for selling a soul
Than sweet lover’s mirage to which I was drawn.

So foolish have I been to love and not hold
A thing of such beauty, too good and too cold
For beauty’s illusive as beauty should be
Convulsive, compulsive, impulsive is she.
I pity the fools that are caught in her net
Forever imprisoned, forever regret
Forever to know what all is worth for
Forever to crave it and have none at all.
The longest of reaches would not get them near
And near should they go to, would make disappear.
Correct are the love laws but fair they are not
The more that you crave it, the more have you not.

Your body is heaven, your eyes are a bliss
Your voice is the music that can light an abyss
Your warm gentle touch that never I’ve felt
Would make coldest winters forever to melt.
How i wanted to be in your dreamy embrace
To die in your arms as I stared in your face
No price high enough be and and no sacrifice
But none were to give you and none would suffice.
You’re not for the taking, not for those that crave
And not for the lost ones caught in your maze.

With  kindnesses mask in lies devil’s hiding
Creator of  dark laws that I was abiding
In fine printed  letters a future was hinted
No glasses to see it, no light to have lit it.
Like a mouse to a trap with blindness I ran
Without any judgment, without any plan
The light you were shining too strong to resist
When all that before you was darkest of mists
And darkness behold me, ten oceans of it
As light slowly fades and hopes start to quit.

How i envy the masses, the ones with no soul
With nothing to lose from when nothing at all
They walk the life empty and empty they leave
No deeds to worth mention nor mention they need
Without love  to fight for and no great reward
All part of the no-plan, all part of the herd.
I envy the lovers, the ones that have found
The beauty of loving without heavy bound
Without restless nights and painful despair
They have but each other and each other to share
The rarest of people, named  be they  alive
No soul are they selling, no reason to strive.
The wicked I envy, the ones who are fake
With clever disguises they want and they get
And honest their love be, to get they lie well
No harm in their doings with no one to tell.

I love you this moment, I’ll love you like mad
With all things that make you, with all that is bad
Unique as  your beauty  your gift is unique
That’s meant for the worthy and not those who seek.
Still I’ll sick it forever, a curse that I bear
And barely I bear it as in grave void I stare
For all that is left now is  shadows of light
The echoes of future long passed in the night.

The sun has now set   as moonlight revealed
An unwritten ending  to this story concealed.